• Freedom
  • My story

    a woman in white dress in a field

    I don’t believe it is possible to put a whole person in a “small box” of what words can describe especially words of an inexperienced writer like myself. I believe that we change and ‘expand’ all the time so describing myself a year ago can feel as if I am describing a total stranger. I […]

  • Life
  • Zayka’s First Week in Sweden

    adopted dog from Ukraine, Zayka

    Brief Introduction    Who said that pumpkins are only good for Halloween? Gender: FemaleAge: Approximately 6 monthBreed: Mixed-breedSize: Medium sizeCharacter: Timid & Gentle Have you ever wondered how long it takes for a “shelter dog” to build trust and become a “home dog”? It’s never straightforward and depends, of course, on many factors. The dog’s […]

  • Life
  • Play like Elephants do!

    Elephants playing in the water

    What do you feel about zoos? I have mixed feelings when one mention the zoo word. A zoo can be a prison or a safe home to an endangered, injured wild animal. I have been visiting Borås Zoo  since I started my studies at the University of Borås. The zoo is located on the outskirts of the city […]

  • Green
  • Waste Theatre

    How can we change the attitude of the whole society towards the waste and make this problem less … smelly? Really, if we want to sort this problem we have to make it more tangible and visually pleasing. It is only somewhere there landfills are filling up, birds and animals feeds on our plastic waste and new plastic […]

  • Green
  • Not Yummy

    Excessive Plastic packaging

    My grocery shopping looks like a pile of plastic not fresh, aromatic, mouth-watering food it should be. None of the items is particularly fragile so why such excess?! Sadly but predictably, UK sends to landfills more household waste than in any other country in EU! Check this article.