My Reasons for Gardening

June 2017. When is it going to rain? Vegetables and fruit trees haven’t had a drop for a week. The garden looks great though. It’s neither pretty nor perfect, rather the opposite but things are growing and this is what it is all about.   First thing in the morning I check on the garden…

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I Live Many Lives

runnig free in the field of wild flowers

I don’t believe it is possible to put a whole person in a “small box” of what words can describe especially words of an inexperienced writer like myself. I believe that we change and ‘expand’ all the time so describing myself a year ago can feel as if I am describing a total stranger. I…

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Disaster: Zayka is no longer alive

To adopt Zayka with her medical history and limping was a conscious choice for me. I was told, by the shelter where Zayka came from, that she had been hit by a car then had an operation and now she is recovering. In order to speed up her rehabilitation she needed to go for frequent…

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Zayka’s First Week in Sweden

adopted dog from Ukraine, Zayka

Brief Introduction   Gender: Female Age: Approximately 6 month Breed: Mixed-breed Size: Medium size Character: Timid & Gentle Have you ever wondered how long it takes for a “shelter dog” to build trust and become a “home dog”? It’s never straightforward and depends, of course, on many factors. The dog’s age, it’s unique character, as…

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Zayka the adopted dog from Ukraine

I love dogs, I’ve always loved dogs. When I was growing up we had cats, but I always wanted a dog. I use to eye them when I was out with my parents wishing I could take one home, plotting how to smuggle one into our flat when no one was looking and keeping it…

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My New Page in Career and Life

A girl jumps hight on the road, behind is desert with mountains

Hello dear readers, I felt that I needed to update you all after one year being  absent from my blog. Since then I have tried myself in a full-time working busy-bee-lifestyle. I have been working as a safety engineer and received all of the perks of being employed in Sweden i.e. flexible working schedule, flat…

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Play like Elephants do!

Elephants playing in the water

What do you feel about zoos? I have mixed feelings when one mention the zoo word. A zoo can be a prison or a safe home to an endangered, injured wild animal. I have been visiting Borås Zoo  since I started my studies at the University of Borås. The zoo is located on the outskirts of the city…

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Waste Theatre

How can we change the attitude of the whole society towards the waste and make this problem less … smelly? Really, if we want to sort this problem we have to make it more tangible and visually pleasing. It is only somewhere there landfills are filling up, birds and animals feeds on our plastic waste and new plastic…

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Say Hello to Your Plastic Bag

  It is quite crazy how much plastic we use! Just look at this mountain of plastic that Renova is processing every week! The truth is that if your single-use plastic bag is part of this mountain it is not the worst case scenario.                 It could be that…

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