Say Hello to Your Plastic Bag


Renova Waste-to-Energy plant, Göteborg.

Renova Waste-to-Energy plant, Göteborg.

It is quite crazy how much plastic we use! Just look at this mountain of plastic that Renova is processing every week! The truth is that if your single-use plastic bag is part of this mountain it is not the worst case scenario.









Plastic bag in a tree

Not a flower, not a fruit and not a leave either
(c) majestyoftrees

It could be that your plastic bag ended up in the trees. Is this one yours? It is not a pretty sight to see city trees “decorated” with trash. No one likes to see it but most people take a free plastic bag or buy it every time they shop. Can you see the missing link?






Dolphin entrapped in a plastic bag

Dolphin entrapped in a plastic bag (c) Globice

Perhaps this is your plastic bag? Interfering with the perfectly balanced habitat of our aquatic brothers and sisters: suffocating, disturbing and confusing animals in all waterways. I will not repeat how of much of a problem this is. I will just ask: Is this your plastic bag?







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