Zayka the adopted dog from Ukraine

young dog adopted from Ukraine

Zayka in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

I love dogs, I’ve always loved dogs. When I was growing up we had cats, but I always wanted a dog. I use to eye them when I was out with my parents wishing I could take one home, plotting how to smuggle one into our flat when no one was looking and keeping it hidden. My secret. It’s hard to hide a dog in a two bedroom flat though, so it remained a fantasy. When I did meet one on the street I loved to make a fuss of it, play with it imagine it was mine. I even gave them special names. Cats and dogs didn’t mix though and we had a cat. I knew even then when I was very young that, I would one day, have a dog of my very own.

Eventually, I left home and did all the things you do as you grow, University, job, even new country, but still no dog. Then as if it was meant to happen I noticed a page on Facebook called, “Friend”. “Friend” is a shelter for unwanted dogs found on the streets of Dnepropetrovsk in the Ukraine, my home country. They care for over 700 dogs (and yes some cats!). All the dogs were looking for a home. Many were in very poor condition having been injured in accidents, fights or just neglected. The shelter is one of the pioneering organisations of its kind in the Ukraine, its founders and volunteers working hard and tirelessly with limited resources.

Adopted dog from Ukraine

Zayka in hands of one of her carer, Dnepropetrovsk

I’ve always believed that if you wish for something hard enough eventually when the time is right it will happen, and so it did. After a brief correspondence with the shelter’s founder, Marina Bolokhovets, I was shown dozens of dogs. I loved them all, but there was one. She caught my attention at once and I knew she was the dog for me, like love at first sight. She was called Zayka. She had been badly injured in a collision with a car and her leg damaged. Despite this, her face was still full of calm energy, with kindness in her eyes. Now I have found her I can’t wait to welcome Zayka to my home and make her part of the family. She’s had a tough start in life and her paw might still have to be amputated but I’m hoping for the best. No matter what the outcome I promise Zayka she will always be loved and cared for and a true part of my family.

This weekend we are travelling to Denmark to collect little Zayka. She will have had a long bus journey from Ukraine and will arrive tired and confused. I have already picked up a toy (I hope she likes chewing her toy horse!) and the dog treats are ready. I have decided to document this event with videos and a blog. Hopefully, it will make more people consider adoption from a shelter.

More updates coming soon, watch this space.

  1. Nigel on November 24, 2016 at 6:13 pm

    Good luck. A dream come true and a new member of the family to care for. I hope you give each other joy for ever.

  2. Nigel on November 24, 2016 at 7:11 pm

    I have had the privlige of seeing Nelly with a dog, Biddy a beautiful chocolate Labrador. Not only was it the love but the care. Always thinking what was best for the dog showing me things I would never had considered. She taught Biddy to swim made sure was walked twice a day no excuses. Kept her interested and the wonderful happy dog I have now is because of Nelly and her extraordinary and natural ways with dogs.

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